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//BCG Appoint New Chairman of the Advisory Board. Mr. Alan Tawil Kummerman

BCG Appoint New Chairman of the Advisory Board. Mr. Alan Tawil Kummerman

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Bulk Container Group LLC, are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Alan Tawil Kummerman who has accepted a seat on the Executive Steering Committee and as Chairman of the Advisory Board.

Mr. Kummerman has extensive experience in corporate investments and has a deep tie within the world of shipping as his family were the original builders and owners of Mac Gregor, the makers of hatch covers which have been universally adopted by the majority of the world’s shipyards and shipowners. After the company was sold, Mr. Kummerman has actively invested in an array of companies from Technology to Trading.

Mr. Kummerman is very familiar with the container trading model as he founded Geneva Based Boxmart Sa back in the mid-1980s, as he had already clearly identified that the model for buying and selling containers was fairly antiquated. Alan’s team devised a framework for the development of a first-generation Container Trading platform – although the company proved highly successful in container trading the available technology and the fact that this was 10 years before the World-Wide Web was created, it proved difficult to establish a fully operational trading platform.

Mr. Ian Zaretzky’ BCG’s CEO commented: “Our strategy is to find world-class leaders such as Mr. Kummerman to help lead our executive team through strategic planning and global rollout”. Without influencers like Alan, we can’t achieve our lofty goals said Mr. Zaretzky, planning a global company takes a truly world-class team. As we gear up our operations, we feel we are well-positioned globally with Mr. Kummerman on the team.

Mr. Kummerman resides in Switzerland and spends a considerable amount of his time sitting on the Executive Boards of several established companies.

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