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Bulk Container Group provides a compelling value proposition for its customers.

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What are The Problems Faced in container trading industry

Perhaps a good problem?

1. 56% of units sit idle or empty costing the industry $16 Billion + a year.


2. There is no dominant global trading company managing new and retired assets for the top lessors and ship lines. This creates significant storage costs to shipping container owners.


3. There is no recognized and accepted tech solution that is available in the Maritime sector to manage shipping containers before and the afterlife with an operator.


4. The maritime industry is at cross-roads of digitization (assets and tracking).



How to Solve the problem?

We have a comprehensive suite of solutions

1. BCG is the largest source of new and used units in the world.


2. BCG is able to secure units, plate and register short term fleets of new and used containers with large customers that require consistent, first-in-class service and scale across various geographic regions.


3. Real-time hardware and telematics inventory tracking systems, such as IOT, GPS, RFID, CELL, Bluetooth, EDI, API, QRF.


4. AI-driven dynamic routing and adjustment


5. Digital mapping, geo-fencing, chain of custody tracking and depot and port scanning technology.


6. Autonomous condition validation through AI

7. The Nereus solution resides in its generic and scalable smart contract and trade solution which, when combined with its tracking technology, provides intelligent management of shipping containers.


8. We focus on smart trade and intelligent tracking of shipping containers on a global level, leaving the domestic resellers and our trade partners to physically deliver the shipping containers.


9. Reduce detention and demurrage by 100%


10. Real-Time IoT inputs and AI making smart decisions.



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