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Bulk Container Group provides a compelling value proposition for its customers.

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Bulk Container Group is a trade and clearinghouse for enterprises that are in the business of container trading and logistics. Our web-based container trading software is designed to manage the entire trading cycle and help you manage your asset sales worldwide.

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    Easy and quick tracking of trade and orders

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    Ability to track container-wise profit and loss by type, condition, color, location, etc.

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    Customers can buy or hire the container based on color codes.

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    Email confirmations for container delivery sent to depot and customer, based on purchase.

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    Easy upload through Excel templates for bulk procurement and sales benefits.



What are The Problems Faced in container trading industry

Perhaps a good problem?


Problems are numerous

They revolve around depots/releases…we solve that through our buying power and leveraging our sourcing partners to make equipment available when it needs to be picked up.



Problem: Payments….use BCG to pay one company for multitudes of transactions, why have multiple vendors and international wire fees when you can use one source to pay …we provide security and ease on every financial transaction.


Time and Energy

Problem: time and energy….who has it in abundance to track down the same units being offered from different sources…we are the FILTER that provides rock-solid info on the condition of units, where units are at, and the ability to provide a very accurate unit to client expectation experience.



Information: BCG knows where the market is heading, this ‘free ‘ real-time information allows you to make smart business decisions and can help our clients grow their business geographically by being able to obtain equipment all across North America. BCG = RAPID GROWTH + TIME SAVINGS ONE CALL DOES IT ALL!

Some interesting

$11 Billion

Projected Size Of The Global Container Shipping Market in 2025

266m dwt

Capacity Of Container Ships In Seaborne Trade.


Number of Container Ships in The World Merchant Fleet.

102m mt

The Dead Weight Tonnage Of Container Ships Has Grown to


How to Solve the problem?

We have a comprehensive suite of solutions

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    BCG eliminates hours of individual sourcing costs and provides a ‘firewall’ of protection to all of our buyers

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    Easy and quick tracking of containers – complete visibility of assets worldwide

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    Real-time hardware and telematics inventory tracking systems, such as IOT, GPS, RFID, CELL, Bluetooth, EDI, API, QRF.

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    AI-driven dynamic routing and adjustment.

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    Digital mapping, geo-fencing, chain of custody tracking and depot and port scanning technology.

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    Autonomous condition validation through AI.

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    The Bulk Container Group solution resides in its generic and scalable smart contract and trade solution which, when combined with its tracking technology, provides intelligent management of shipping containers.

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    We focus on smart trade and intelligent tracking of shipping containers on a global level, leaving the domestic resellers and our trade partners to physically deliver the shipping containers.

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    Reduce detention and demurrage by 100%

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    Real-Time IoT inputs and AI making smart decisions.


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